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You might remember reading about Louie, the sickly Doberman who boarded with me all of last November (“With a little help from his friends,” Dec. 1, 2011).

He started his stay then as a 59-pound weakling who couldn’t have kicked sand in his own face. He left a month later about 20 pounds heavier and without the diarrhea that had plagued him.

Louie, pictured here, was back recently for a brief stay, and he has blossomed. He probably weighs about 90 pounds – sleek, not skinny. His coat gleams. The hair has grown back on his ears, which previously were leathery and dotted with scabs from scratching.

As before, Louie still has devoted owners, good vet care and high-quality food. So what has changed?

We’ll never know for sure, but it might be that his household has settled into a less stressful, more predictable routine. His family had been coping with a loved one who had a fatal illness. Louie thrives on attention and affection, and now that circumstances allow his family to relax, he’s probably getting more. He’s happy, handsome and healthy.

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