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Officer Brian Moore and his partner, Jack. Photo courtesy of Faus K-9 Specialities.

Two officers with the Gary Police Department are raising money to buy three dogs for a K-9 unit, and they could use help.

 The Gary PD doesn’t have any K-9s. Officer Irving Givens says each of the three dogs acquired would accompany an officer on patrol. They’ll be able to track fleeing suspects or missing persons, and detect drugs or bombs.

You might have seen a copy of a fundraising letter from Givens and John Artibey posted around town, like at the Great Lakes Café at 201 Mississippi Street. Givens and Artibey created the Gary Canine Association to raise the money and handle the funds for training and equipping the dogs and their handlers. They’ve already raised $7,500, not quite one-third of the money needed for three trained police dogs.

Their plan is to obtain dogs and training from Shannon Dog Training in Rockville or from Faus K-9 in Elkhart. The photo, from Faus K-9, shows Seymour Police Officer Brian Moore and his partner, Jack.

To donate, send a check to the association at P.O. Box 64409, Gary, IN 46401. Its phone number is 219-649-0103 and the email address is garycanine@yahoo.com.

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