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Brownie enjoyed her two meals of Oma’s Pride raw pet food, in this case a mix of  turkey and vegetables. But instead of buying more of that, I bought five pounds of chicken thighs on sale for 99 cents a pound (because they were one day away from their freshness expiration date) some sweet potatoes and some green beans. I put the chicken thighs in a big pot and boiled them for an hour, then added the sweet potatoes. Half an hour after that, the green beans went in for the final 15 minutes. I drained the liquid (saving it, of course) and let everything cool down.

When cool, I removed the meat from the chicken, mixed it up with the potatoes and beans and spooned portions into freezable, microwave-safe containers. For dinner now, instead of throwing a cup of kibble into her bowl, I remove an already defrosted container of the chicken mix and warm it briefly in the microwave. Brownie loves it and continues licking her bowl long after the food is gone.

I know that cooking and microwaving the food eliminates some of the qualities that make raw food so healthy. But it’s still a very big improvement over the highly processed kibble. I stretch the portions by adding my own leftovers to them, from cottage cheese to cabbage slaw, a fried egg or a few strawberries. The whole process took very little time and is less costly than buying the commercial preparation.  In return, I get the pleasure of seeing how excited Brownie is about her dinners, and imagine her enjoyment of all those flavors, aromas and textures. So we’re at half-kibble, half-homemade food. It seems like a good balance.

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