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miracle-dogOne of her rescuers dubbed the stray dog in the photo, “Miracle.” ¬†She had a raging case of mange, and was afflicted by heart worms, dehydration and starvation. After she finally was coaxed into the back seat of a car, the Humane Society of Northwest Indiana in Miller Beach took her in. Donations arrived from people saddened by her condition and hopeful for her future. She was only a year old.

After weeks of vet care, affectionate attention and sessions with an animal behaviorist, Miracle had to be euthanized.

“I hated making this decision,” said Frieda, the shelter manager. But she felt obligated. The more Miracle’s health improved, the more unpredictably aggressive she became.

The first time she lunged at a shelter worker, she latched onto his beard as he reached to leash her. “She’d be wagging her tail at you, and then if you moved the wrong way, she’d come at you,” Freida said.

Freida wasn’t ready to give up. Maybe the constant commotion from all those barking dogs was the problem. She brought Miracle up to the front of the shelter, where she could lounge quietly behind the counter near the entrance. An animal behaviorist was brought in to work with her.

Three more attempts to bite followed. She began jumping up on the counter, alarming staff and visitors.

The decision was made when Miracle clamped down on the arm of Sandy, an employee, as Sandy bent down to the floor to pick up something. Sandy had worked with Miracle more than anyone, yet this time the bite left bruises.

None of those donations were wasted. They allowed Miracle to be given every chance to recover her health and to demonstrate she could safely be adopted.

Meanwhile, a Rottweiler was brought in with a badly broken front leg. It had to be amputated. But he’s healing and has already been adopted. The miracle is that the shelter sees far more happy endings than not.



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