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Sugar, a five-year-old Beagle mix, came home with me from a shelter in Valparaiso, IN. She had just given birth to puppies, all of whom were adopted before I got there to see them. Only one problem with Sugar – she has turned out to be extremely possessive of me, to the detriment of my pet-sitting business.

My boarding service for dogs (from one customer at a time, with the run of the house and yard) was very popular. Sugar and I met prospective boarders at a park for a walk together before each one arrived for a stay. These always went uneventfully.

At home, however, all hell broke loose. Whether the boarder was a small poodle or a large mastiff, Sugar attacked every one whenever a dog moved towards me. These fights were noisy, brief and seemed ferocious, but nobody ever was hurt.

This happened six times before I called it quits. Watching her, waiting for an outburst and coping with one shredded my peace of mind, and prevented me from giving my customers’ dogs the attention they deserved.

She does get along with Karma, the cat I adopted from a shelter in Gary, IN. Karma declined to have her picture taken, but typically she’s asleep, pestering me by scratching at the computer screen or playing with Sugar.


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