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Like most evenings, my cat Boomer wanted to be let out. Only during rain or cold did he opt to stay inside.

The next morning, he failedBoomer to show up for breakfast.

Boomer was obsessed by food, so this was alarming. He first showed up on my doorstep (literally) six years ago as a skinny stray. Cat food, dog food, people food – he ate it all. He’d tear through plastic wrapping to gnaw on a loaf of bread. He’d jump on a counter or the table to steal bacon or a piece of pizza or a slice of meat if I turned away from it for more than five seconds. He’d hunch in the sink over unwashed cooking pots to lick up any chocolate frosting, mashed potatoes or hot cereal that might still have been left in them.

I ate like a convict, guarding my plate from attack.

After two days, alarm turned to certainty. He’d never missed one meal, much less four in a row. Boomer must be dead.

Maybe coyotes got him. He will be missed for a long time.





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