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My mom, 86, has been writing poetry all her life. One of her most memorable (to me) was for my 16th birthday. She managed to work in the title of every song listed in January 1968 as among the top 50. These included “Hey Jude,” “Light My Fire,” “Born To Be Wild,” “Those Were The Days,” “Dance To The Music” and “I Wish It Would Rain.” Quite a feat!

Her latest is about Brownie, my dog who died recently at age 16. It’s called, “Brownie’s Song.”

Brownie went to Heaven
Though we begged her not to go –
Linda tried and Grandma cried
Because we love her so…
People say our dead stay near,
In mind and soul and heart –
But words don’t help you very much
When it comes time to part.

We’ll dream of all the good times
She gave to us so sweetly
To let us know just how it feels
When we are loved – completely.

Her big brown eyes and
Wide, wide smiles
Would greet us at the door –
To show how much she loved us –
Overjoyed to wait no more…

Her tail was always wagging –
Sometimes her body too –
Brownie’s way to say “I love you”
Clearly meant for only you.

We knew from the beginning
Brownie was a friend so rare,
Now evermore we’ll miss her
No other “friend” will ever compare.


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